BiasAway module: Synthetic k-mer shuffling within a sliding window (w)

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You're running BiasAway v3.3.0 with Synthetic k-mer shuffling within a sliding window

Note: The input file should contain DNA sequences provided using the FASTA format. For large fasta files, we recommend to use compressed (.gz) files. Do not upload word processor or office software documents containing sequence data: instead, make sure that such data is stored in a plain text file.
Note: This module may require several hours to run depending on the size of the sliding window, the step, and the length of the sequences. We recommend that you provide your email address to get notified when the job is finished.

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What is BiasAway?

The BiasAway software tool is introduced to generate nucleotide composition-matched DNA sequences. It is available as open source code from bitbucket.

The tool provides user with six approaches to generate synthetic or genomic background sequences matching mono- and dinucleotide composition of user-provided foreground sequences:

  • synthetic k-mer shuffled sequences
  • synthetic k-mer shuffled sequences in a sliding window
  • genomic mononucleotide distribution matched sequences
  • genomic mononucleotide distribution within a sliding window matched sequences